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Tireboss is a multi service business providing new tyres, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre repair, auto mechanic.

On site we provide easy access via car, a cozy waiting room with TV included and unlimited free wifi.
We also give suggestions to run a complete check so that you can manage your tyres to last longer.

Through ongoing training, performance evaluations and a consistent approach to service excellence, we know that we can set every customer’s mind at ease and ensure that all their auto fitment needs are met.

Our History

We are successfully trading for the past 30 years, constantly improving our skills and enhancing our knowledge on auto fitment standards by keeping up to date with the latest trends so that we can maintain our stance as Curepipe’s leading auto fitment specialists.

Our Mission

Our mission and vision is to always strive by providing the best quality service so as to maintain and improve our excellence as auto fitment specialists.
We will do our utmost for our customers to BE SAFE and to DRIVE SMART.

An alignment corrects the angles of the tyres so that they converge with the road in just the right way.
We provide the 3 main types of adjustments namely CAMBER, CASTER and TOE which are crucial for your tyre’s endurance by the implementation of 3D technology equipment.
CAMBER measures the angle of the wheel as viewed from the front of the vehicle.
CASTER refers to the angle that is created by the steering pivot point as seen from the side of the car
TOE is the side-to-side difference in distance between the front and rear tyre.
Our 6 Points Tyre Safety Check
Tyre Pressure
Tyre pressure ensures the tyre wears evenly and maintains the correct level of grip on the road surface.
Tread Depth
If your tyres do not have enough tread, the vehicle will not be
safe on the road especially in wet conditions.
Tyre Wear
Uneven tyres wear may be usually caused by improper alignment, overinflation or underinflation.
Tyre Valve
Tyre valve holds the pressure inside your tyre and is the access point if you need to adjust your tyre pressure at any time.
Tyre Valva Cap
Tyre valve cap keeps dirt, moisture and small debris from entering into the tyre.
Spare Tyres
Spare tyre “STEPNEY” is usually put aside without an often check. At Tireboss we make sure that your spare tyre is just doing well and if need to be replaced we have it on the spot.

For better service, we suggest you bring your vehicle on-site so that we can provide our best advice.

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Why is wheel alignment important?

Wheel alignment increases up to 30% of tyre mileage and decreases 20% in fuel economy while ensuring stability and handling.

What are the proper inflation and right size for my tyres?

We recommend using the tyre information located on the inside of the driver’s door.

How many miles can I get from my set of tyres?

Tyre life is very dependant on the way that they are used as the surface condition of the road would naturally impact the tyre’s health (bumpers, potholes, hilly roads, curves…)

Should I fit four new tyres at a time?

It is better to fit four tyres at a time but if that is not possible then fitting two tyres can help to get the best handling and grip on the road. As a last resort, a single tyre can be replaced in some circumstances.

What is the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

Wheel alignment refers to an adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension. It is not an adjustment of the tyres or wheels themselves. On the other hand, wheel balancing corrects the distribution of weight in the wheels, during which your tyres and wheel are mounted onto a wheel balancing machine.

We service mostly all types of cars, vans and SUVs
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